About us...

The human contingency consists of a family of eight, including mom (Denise), dad (Rob), and 2 sets of twins (Dallas and Tony, Brady and Cole), Grandma Jan, and my twin brother, Brian. We live at the FUNNY FARM!
We love animals of all kinds, sharing our home
(and bed and yard!) with our ragdoll cat Sassy,
and Grandma Jan's 40 alpacas.

We take the Dal-Rhe name from our daughter,
Dallas Rhe (pronounced ''Ray''). Dallas began
training and loving her best friend,
"Tug," when  she was just 10 years old.
Dallas' love and dedication for her golden
boy inspired us to continue our line of
Goldens in her name. Tug will be 10 in April of
2013! How time flies!

In 2006, we added the fun loving English
Cockers to our home. We fell in love with this
breed's wonderful spirit! They are fun loving,
devoted, and super little family and hunting
companions. We bred ECS' for 6 years, loving
every minute of it, but in 2012 we made the
tough decision to discontinue our cocker program.
Why? We can't be in 2 places at once, and all of the cocker trials hit the same weekends as the retriever trials. If we can't participate in breed events / contribute to the breed, we feel it's best to leave the breeding to those who can.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the net!
Above: The Babcock kids, June 2011  L to R: Brady, Tony, Dallas, and Cole
Below: Rob & Denise
Below: The Babcock kids, Christmas 2006  L to R: Tony, Cole, Dallas, and Brady
Dallas - February 2012 with baby Nala (an Elnglish Cocker Spaniel)
Rob & Denise - Dec. 2011