Our "Co-Ownership / Host Program"
An excellent opportunity to be a part of our breeding program!

Because we often want to keep certain lines, but don’t have the time and space to keep all the pups that
we want to, we look for family homes to co-own our puppies/dogs with. What this means is that you get
a well bred puppy/dog for a GREATLY reduced price (normally $200) . You raise and train the dog
(who lives with you as a part of your family). We retain breeding rights (the puppy / dog must remain
"intact" and not be spayed / neutered until after our breedings have taken place). She has a great life and a
loving home, you have a great dog, and we are able to continue our lines/pedigrees. Win-Win-Win!

When she (or he) is all grown up, she comes back to us for two litters (males a bit different - they stay
intact and we keep breeding rights on them).  She would come here to have her health clearances done at age 2 and when those were finalized, come back here for the first litter on her next heat cycle.

About a week before her due date, she would come here to settle in and raise her puppies, then go home when her puppies were about 8 weeks old. You’d be welcome to come and visit mom and pups as often as you like. If all goes well and we deem mom to be in good health after the 1st litter, we repeat this process for a 2nd litter.

The puppies are ours to keep / place as we see fit. We are very careful about where they go.

Sometimes we find our host families want a puppy from their girl. If you are interested, we also offer your choice of allowing us to breed the dog for a 3rd litter and you’d get a puppy (on limited registration) for free from this 3rd and final litter.

After her final litter you’d spay her. Upon proof of the spaying we’d sign off on the registration and she’d live out her life with you as your family pet. 

If you allow it, we’d love to have the possibility to show the dog at dog shows and get some titles if she shows promise in this venue.  You would get to keep all the ribbons that they earn as well as copies of photos taken during the showing. 

Because we like to have access to them and for travel reasons, we ask that anyone doing this live within 250 miles of here or be willing to travel to our place as needed for breeding, clearances, and possibly occassional shows.

If you are interested in co-owing a dog or puppy please contact us.  If its the right situation we may have an adult or puppy available!

Please contact us if you are interested in this opportunity! Email: info@dal-rhe.com