Redline Rosannadanna
FTCH Thunderstruck Sabre The Moment ex Flatwater Farley ("Rosie")
Breeders: Fred & Monica Cundari
Circle C Kennels, Cochrane, WI

OFA Good Hips ~ CERF Clear ~ PFK Clear (DNA)

In addition to being a wonderful housedog and great bed warmer, Danni is our little hunting rocket! She's a happy hunter, loving every minute in the field. She is a true example of why this breed has been described for over a century as "the merry little cocker!"

She's gentle and calm in the house, but truly SPRINGS to life when someone says, "Wanna go outside, Danni?"
This means a walk outdoors with one of us, and she becomes the most animated little gal you ever did see!

She has an intense desire to please, she simply wants to love, be loved, and of course, to HUNT!

A BIG thanks to Jan and Peggy Anderson of Redline Retrievers, Chicago, IL, for allowing Danni to
become a part of our family!