Premium Health Food For Puppies and Adults

It's an awesome food with quality ingredients, shipped right to your door (so available everywhere!). 

We highly recommend you raise your puppy on this food, we have done alot of research and really feel it is of superior quality. If you decide to go with another brand, be sure that meat is the first ingredient and that there is no ground corn. In either case, please be sure to order at least one bag of this food so that puppy will not have the stress of a food change when he (or she) gets to her new home. There are enough changes at that point, we'd like to avoid this additional stress on pups' little systems.

When placing your orders, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would please use the link below, or the one found on our website (left menu). They have a cool breeder program, and we get credit for referrals. That’s nice, too!  :-)

LINK TO LIFE’S ABUNDANCE: CLICK HERE. We feed the all-life stage food (green bag), not the puppy formula.


Dallas, Denise, and Rob