Retriever training services by Rob Babcock.
Do what you love, love what you do!  Can't beat these co-workers either!!! Livin' the dream!!!

Would you like to have your dog trained? We offer basic obedience and retriever training services here at Dal-Rhe.

  • Our basic obedience program is designed to teach your dog to walk at heel on or off leash, sit on command, enter a kennel on command, and respond to the command 'here.
  • Our retriever program is designed to teach a dog the retriever skills for waterfowl hunting and,UKC and AKC Hunt tests if applicable.  Dogs are exposed to live gun fire, water, live birds, land retrieves, and hunting scenarios.

The individual training of the dog is based on the owner’s desires as to the level he or she wishes for their dog to be trained to.  Our training program is designed for success for the dog.  With that in mind we take dogs into the program for an initial two week assessment session. During that period we evaluate the dog and proceed with the program based on what level the dog is at when it comes to us.  We then contact the owner to discuss how the dog is progressing, and it is a decision that we and the owner make together as to whether the dog remains in the program.   We want our clients to be happy with their dog and its training.
Dogs coming into the program must be fully vaccinated,  must be tested for heart worms, and have been on a heart worm preventative for at least 30 days prior to arrival, as well as being on Frontline Plus for flea and tick prevention.  Upon the arrival at our kennel dog owners must bring with them current vaccination records. Owners must also supply flea and tick preventative (Frontline Plus) and must supply their choice of heart worm preventative.  Dogs must also have some form of permanent identification either by tatoo or microchip.  If your dog is not microchipped, we can microchip him (or her!) for a fee of $30. It's up to you to send in the microchip registration with the forms we provide.

Our Fees for training effective January 1, 2013 will be $450.00 per month base rate.  We ask that you provide food (usually one 35-40# bag per month in training). Additional fees may apply - please email or call Rob at 218-750-7238 or more information. Leave a message if he doesn't answer - if he's in the field / training he won't always be able to answer right away but he will sure be happy to call you back. Thanks!


Kodi  HR Ambertrails Northern Voyageur CDX RA MH UD Can. CD JH WCX
*Owned and loved by Patty Raymond. Trained for and completed his AKC MH title beside Rob Babcock.

Trump  Am /Can. CH Mariah'n'River Run Magic Card CD JH / Can. CD WCX
*Owned and loved by Jo Meister.  Trained for basic obedience and field work for his WC, WCX and AKC JH titles along side trainer Rob Babcock. Handled to his JH by Rob, and then went on to earn his CD and WC, WCXand along side his owner / handler, Jo Meister (River Run Goldens).
Here are some retrievers that Rob has had the pleasure of field training (note: obedience and show titles completed by their owners and / or alternate handlers).
Albert BISS Am/Can CH Spiekers Allangold Henry VIII CD JH RAE
*Owned and loved by Paul McNutt. Trained for and completed his AKC JH title beside Rob Babcock.