Dal-Rhe Zeus JH CD RN
Co-owned and resides with Greg and Irene Allen

OFA Good Hips - OFA Normal Elbows - CERF Clear

Zeus is a sweet fellow with an incredible zest for life! He's aims to please and gets along well with everybody.
He has plenty of energy, but also knows how to relax. He is a super family dog, calm in the house,
but full of zest in the outdoors. He's a pretty special fellow!

Zeus joined the Allen family at 3 1/2 years of age, March of 2008. There he is treated like royalty, along with his best pals, their adorable pair of Papillons! The Allens are training and competing with Zeus in obedience and possibly field venues.
It's a match made in heaven!

*Zeus was originally co-owned and lived with our dear friends, Steve and Patty Albrecht in Northern Minnesota. He could not have been more loved and treasured than he was with Steve and Patty! Sadly, Patty passed away in 2006, meaning much change for Steve and his family. For that reason, Zeus came home to us until we were able to find just the right home situation for him where is able to live a life filled with the same kind of love and attention that he had with Steve and Patty. Steve loves him VERY much, making this decision one of the hardest he had ever made, but he loves him enough to have known it was the right thing for Zeus. Thanks to Steve (and Patty) for all they did in raising this wonderful boy.